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Read some of our frequently asked questions to find out more about tandem skydiving.

Is skydiving safe?
As with any adventure sport, sky diving has an element of risk. We minimise this risk by using state-of-the-art training and equipment. Instructors have gone through rigorous and lengthy training to achieve their qualifications in order to keep you safe. We are a foreign affiliate of the USPA and adhere strictly to their guidelines and procedures. The TCAA and ZAA work closely with us to provide a safe experience from take off to landing.

How much does it cost?
The price for a tandem skydive is $365 per person.  Should you wish to include a professionally edited video and photos of your experience, plus a 30 second edit for Instagram, it is an additional $80.

How high do we jump from?
You board the airplane for a 20 minute scenic flight and can enjoy the island views as you climb to altitude 10,000ft (3050m)

How long does it take?
From arrival at the office, to landing on the beach, you will be with us for around two hours. 

How do I make a booking?
You can call or WhatsApp message us on: +255 776 200 200 to make a booking. We recommend you book around 3/4 days before you jump to secure your preferred time.

What do I wear?
Shorts, trousers or even jeans are fine, with a tee shirt or sweater (it can get cold at 10,000ft). We suggest you wear lace-up or tight fitting shoes. We do have jump suits available should you prefer, and we will provide all other equipment that you need.

Where do I land?
We will land gently back onto the beach at the Skydive Centre, next to Kendwa Rocks bars and restaurant. 

How do I get my video and photo?
We produce two videos for you. One long video, edited with music and a 30-second instagram video. The instagram video will be without music for copyright reasons. We send your photos and videos via email around 1-2 hours after your skydive. 

Tandem Skydive


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