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Do you want to learn to skydive? 

The AFF Course is where to start!

AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) Course:


The Accelerated Free Fall course starts with one full day of ground school, which will give you the theory bit of your jump progression. You will learn how the equipment operates, how to exit the aircraft with your instructors, maintain control in free fall, safety procedures and the opening of your parachute.

You will then be ready to make your first solo skydive, accompanied by two instructors. You will open, fly and land your own parachute with a little assistance from your instructors, guiding you back to the beach using a radio attached to your jump suit.

When you have completed 8 instructed jump levels and proven to instructors that you are capable to go alone, then you’re ready! 

Skydive Zanzibar runs the United States Parachute Association (USPA) training system, which is widely recognised around the world as the safest and most efficient way of learning to skydive.

Next step, A-license!

A-License Progression: 

Once you have completed the 9 Jumps for AFF, you are cleared to jump solo but remain on Student Status.

Under the USPA system, you then go through a sequence of solo jumps and further instructed jumps to develop the skills needed to attain your A License. The A License is awarded once you complete these extra jumps and accumulate a minimum total of 25 skydives.

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AFF Course


9x Jumps and Ground School

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$75 Solo
$315 Instructed Coach Jump

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